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A simple idea ...

Le Bistronome was born from a simple idea.

Focus on the fundamentals of cooking.

Sharing and conviviality, gluttony and refinement, quality local production and short circuits, tradition and creativity ...

an entire program !

Daily exchanges with men and women who work in the shadows to offer us exceptional products that respect our territories open up endless creative opportunities for us and we will take advantage of them!


Creative cuisine inspired by our territories and the know-how of those who bring them to life.


To this "simple" idea we wanted to add our environmental values.

Professional and responsible, we take care, every day more, to minimize our impact on our environment, with you and for our common good!


Know that local products, producers, breeders and winegrowers will be honored by favoring short circuits.


Our partners are passionate. About their profession, their land, their products.

Beaujolais has awakened… and we are committed to sharing this enthusiasm and this know-how with you.


Let's re-discover the Beaujolais spirit!

Sincerely, Fred


Our philosophy ...

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Frédéric Baggieri, Owner  

"Passion only has meaning if it is shared".

"Taste begins with the quality of the product".


Aurélien Mazard, Chef


a well-known adage in Beaujolais ...

“Eat well and drink well! ".

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