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Dear visitor, our cuisine is available exclusively in Menu.

We therefore do not offer a single menu or dish.


All our meats are of French origin.

Our seafood products have been fished under the French flag in the Atlantic or the Mediterranean and freshwater fish from French farms closest to us.

Lunch menu

exclusively at lunchtime from Tuesday to Friday excluding public holidays

and within the limits of the quantities prepared

(starter, main course and gourmet coffee ): €24

(starter, main course and dessert ): €29

Recipes offered from Tuesday July 23 to Friday July 26, 2024

---------Choice of entry ---------

Eggplant caviar with olive oil, double cream with fresh herbs, crispy puff pastry


Herring and steamed potato salad, tangy vinaigrette, dried fruit crumble

---------Meal of your choice---------

Low temperature yellow chicken supreme , Gamay cream, gourmet risotto with juice


Fresh fish of the day pan-fried in caper and lemon butter, golden croutons, homemade panisses with black pepper


Gourmet coffee


Cheese or seasonal dessert of your choice

Our ice creams and sorbets are made by our Master Artisan Glacier “Glaces des Alpes” in Haute Savoie


Net price, sevice included

Table des restaurants
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